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Lessons from the NSW Government’s “April Falls Day” 2018

Nutrition and Hydration Eating Well to Prevent Falls

Last week, the NSW Government’s Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) kicked off the awareness program, “April Falls Day” on 4th April 2018. This year’s theme “Nutrition and Hydration Eating Well to Prevent Falls,” aimed to educate our elderly citizens, as well as their families and carers about the importance of properly-planned meals and constant hydration in […]

Kalinga at Shona Lee’s Feldenkrais Method Walking Well Session

Kalinga team with Shona Lee

This year’s Senior Festival, which is running from 4th April to 15th April 2018, is a blast. With a lineup of fun and interesting local events catering to the elderly happening all across NSW, this is the government’s way of showing senior citizens how important their roles are in society. As a commitment to the […]

Community Service and its Role in Improving Quality of Life for the Elderly and Disabled

Community Care at Home

It used to be that the elderly and disabled persons would move into nursing and care homes in order to have their needs, especially with regards to health, properly addressed. While this is still true, and facilities for those reasons are still important in our societies, it’s also becoming more commonplace for the elderly and […]

Helping the Elderly Adapt to Technology

Time and again you’ve tried to help your nan figure out Facebook but somehow she keeps mistaking the status update field for the Google Search bar. It’s an almost-universal experience that older adults have trouble using technology. But with technology rapidly changing and many essential products and services becoming more high-tech, it won’t be surprising […]

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