An app created to make it easier for care providers and home-based patients to connect, now available for iOS.

New South Wales – July 13, 2018 – NSW-based healthcare app developer Kalinga launched the Kalinga Health app on Apple’s App Store last week, allowing users of iPhones and iPads the opportunity to experience what Kalinga truly means.

“Kalinga” comes from the Filipino word for “care” and that is exactly what the app hopes to deliver to its users. The brainchild of a team of experienced healthcare specialists and app developers, Kalinga Health is essentially a palm-sized venue for connecting nurses and caregivers directly and easily with house-bound patients, and vice versa.

According to the company CEO, Dr. Frenn Aben, the Kalinga Health app is meant to bring freedom and independence to its clients so that they may experience the best quality of life at their own homes despite any disabilities or physical limitations, as well as to the care providers who want to have more control over their work schedules and locations. “Not only was the app developed with an easy-to-navigate interface, it also eliminates the need to go through carer or nursing agencies, so the clients pay less, and care providers are better compensated,” says Dr. Aben. It is, as befitting of the app’s name, a way to care for both patients and care providers.

The Kalinga Health app was created with two types of users in mind. The first type is the client or patient – the elderly, people with disabilities, and those organising care for their loved ones, who want to find options for care providers that are more in line with their budgets, healthcare needs, day-to-day requirements, and locations.  The second is the care provider – home duty nurses and caregivers who wish to have better work-life balance, and to be more in charge of their schedules, workplaces, and rates.

Either type of Kalinga Health user can find what they need in the streamlined and extremely user-friendly app. Users merely need to register at the app’s official website ( and provide the required information, then they can start searching for the care providers or jobs they want, filtered according to their specific conditions. After the appointment, payment is then coursed through Kalinga Health’s secure payment portal. Kalinga Health clients will then rate their care providers after each job to ensure that nurses and caregivers adhere to Kalinga Health’s standards of professionalism and care.

The Kalinga Health app can now be downloaded, free of charge, at the Apple Store (or click here to go directly to the app’s page) for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch. The app requires iOS 8.0 or later to run. It is in English language and is currently optimized for use within Australia.

Kalinga Health app is developed by Kalinga Health, a NSW, Australia-based healthcare mobile app development company founded in 2017.