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Find the Right Carer for your Elderly Parents

Carer for Elderly

It’s not easy to admit that your parents, who have always been your rocks and protectors since birth and even into adulthood, are getting on in years and need help in doing everyday things like bathing, eating, or remembering to take medication. If you find that you need some assistance to ensure that your parents […]

April Falls 2019: Some quick facts and tips for falls prevention

April Falls 2019

It’s April, and once again, time for Falls Prevention month or “April Falls”. And since we at Kalinga work very closely with elderly adults, who are most prone to falls, we’d like to help spread the word about the dangers and implications of falling, as well as invite seniors and health care workers alike to […]

Get Better with Better than Before with Shona Lee

Gentle movement class by Shona Lee

Do you ever feel like your joints are creaking a little too much or that you’re having trouble coordinating your movements? You might chalk it all up to ageing and say that there’s nothing you can do about it since you’re a senior but that’s not necessarily always true. Sometimes, it takes a little bit […]

Come down to the 2019 NSW Seniors Festival!

2019 NSW Seniors Festival

Growing older doesn’t automatically mean that one wants to stay cooped up inside the house all the time. It’s natural that some things may change as we age, but many older individuals still like to stay active and have fun – besides, experts even agree that activity and socializing are great for seniors’ well-being. Fortunately, […]

All About Social Isolation in Seniors

Social Isolation in Seniors

“No man is an island” is a saying that’s been repeated so often that it’s somehow lost its gravity. But its meaning, that most people cannot flourish successfully all on their own, is actually as true and as serious now as it was when it English writer, John Donne, first made it popular in 1624. […]

Things you need to know about dementia (Dementia Awareness Month)

Dementia, a condition that manifests itself through memory loss, changes in a person’s personality and mood, difficulty focusing and communicating, and challenges in doing routine tasks, among others, affects millions of people across the globe, with new occurrences happening every 3 seconds. It is, as those living with it and their loved ones can attest […]

Kalinga Health App now available on Apple’s App Store

Kalinga Health App

An app created to make it easier for care providers and home-based patients to connect, now available for iOS. New South Wales – July 13, 2018 – NSW-based healthcare app developer Kalinga launched the Kalinga Health app on Apple’s App Store last week, allowing users of iPhones and iPads the opportunity to experience what Kalinga […]

On the move! Activities for the Elderly

activities for seniors

As we grow older, it becomes easier to fall into the trap of just staying at home to watch television or putter about because it simply takes too much energy to go out and socialize or engage in physical activities. The keyword here is “trap” because however enticing it is to hang about the house, […]

How to Get a 100th Birthday or Anniversary Card from Queen Elizabeth

Home Aged Care Technology

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her official birthday in the month of June in NSW, and other territories except Queensland and Western Australia; and although she hasn’t quite reached a hundred years old herself, the world’s longest reigning monarch does consider people’s 100th birthdays to be very significant and happy events. 100th Birthday Greeting Card Request […]

Into the Future: Gadgets and Tech for Independent Elderly

Elderly adapt to technology

As we grow older, certain tasks become more difficult to accomplish without help. However, even we’re grateful for assistance, sometimes we still prefer to do things by ourselves as much as we can. Thankfully, creative minds are continuously coming up with gadgets and equipment that can help the elderly maintain a sense of independence and […]

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