Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her official birthday in the month of June in NSW, and other territories except Queensland and Western Australia; and although she hasn’t quite reached a hundred years old herself, the world’s longest reigning monarch does consider people’s 100th birthdays to be very significant and happy events.

100th Birthday Greeting Card Request

You see, Australians and citizens from other Commonwealth countries and UK Overseas Territories can receive a 100th birthday card from The Queen, a tradition that started in with King George V in 1917 – 101 years ago!

  • A request, along with proof of birth or marriage, simply has to be made by the centenarian’s friends or family through the Anniversaries Office’s official website, your local Federal Member or Senator’s electorate office, the Department of the Prime Minister or Cabinet, or via post no sooner than three weeks to the special day.
  • The celebrator will then receive a signed birthday card containing a congratulatory message and bearing a photograph of Her Majesty on the cover – in Australia, it is of Queen Elizabeth II in Government House, Yarralmula during one of her visits.

Apart from sending 100th birthday greeting cards, The Queen may also send, upon similar requests, birthday greeting cards for 105th birthdays, and any birthday thereafter.

Wedding Anniversary Greetings

Married seniors may also delight in knowing that they may be eligible for congratulatory messages from Her Majesty on their 60th, 65th, 70th wedding anniversaries, as well as any wedding anniversary after their 70th. The Governor-General of Australia similarly sends well-wishes to Australian citizens, but the eligibility extends to those celebrating their 50th (Golden) wedding anniversary.

Long Live the Queen

Now isn’t that a special way to surprise your favorite centenarian for a life lived well and lived long, or for an elderly couple who’s clearly withstood the test of time as #RelationshipGoals? On the other hand, if you want to do a good turn and help Queen Elizabeth II her own birthday, why not send Her Majesty a birthday message?

The Royal Family’s official website has a page where you can do so. Merely pop on over to Royal.UK’s Birthday Message to the Queen page and send in your birthday wishes to the monarch.

Learn more from the official Prime Minister and Cabinet website

For more information on making the greeting card request from The Queen or the Governor-General, you may click on this link: https://www.pmc.gov.au/government/anniversary-messages (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website.)

Are you sending in a request for a 100th birthday greeting from Queen Elizabeth II, or have you or a family member received one from her or the Governor-General of Australia? How did it go? Let us know in the comments.