This year’s Senior Festival, which is running from 4th April to 15th April 2018, is a blast. With a lineup of fun and interesting local events catering to the elderly happening all across NSW, this is the government’s way of showing senior citizens how important their roles are in society.

As a commitment to the community we hope to serve, the Kalinga team took the opportunity to participate in NSW’s biggest event for the elderly. We joined Shona Lee’s Feldenkrais Movement session held at Lane Cove Bowling and Recreation Club on Sunday, 8th April. Ms. Lee is an advocate of the Feldenkrais exercise method where awareness of the body and brain’s connections help improve one’s well-being. Her Senior Festival class taught participants to properly move up and down from the floor, and perform exercises to loosen the hips and ankles thereby relieving strain from the knees.

Shona Lee Feldenkrais Method Class

It was a very enjoyable and educational experience for us as we, and the other participants, learned to listen to our bodies and move more gently to decrease the risk of straining or hurting ourselves. We recommend Shona Lee’s workshops for the elderly who experience problems with their posture or have difficulty walking.

Visit to learn more about Shona’s Awareness Through Movement classes.

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