About Kalinga

Kalinga, which gets its name from the Filipino word meaning “care,” is a mobile app solution created to optimise how clients and health care providers connect.

Kalinga is the brainchild of experienced health care providers, built by a Founding Team composed of 2 nurses, a physician, and a business manager, with a deep understanding of how to empower both clients and healthcare workers.

Kalinga aims to improve how clients search for, and hire care providers according to their specific requirements and at more competitive rates. Through its easy-to-use interface, aged care and disability clients looking for care providers will be able to engage with carers and nurses best suited to their needs who can help them live better lives. And, because the Kalinga system eliminates the need to pay high agency commissions, clients will be able to find home care providers offering their services at competitive prices.

Kalinga also empowers healthcare workers by giving them the option to choose the hours and location they’d like to work. As Kalinga Care Providers, they will also have control over their hourly rates which they will now be able to enjoy more because they no longer have to pay high agency fees.

At Kalinga, we connect. We care.


At Kalinga, our mission is to change the current system in health care services by lowering the cost of health care, empowering the patients, and improving compensation and opportunities for health care providers.


Our vision is to foster fruitful relationships with health care providers and clients, and to provide quality care, reliability, and opportunities for growth and enrichment.

Kalinga Team

Dr. Frenn Aben, CEO

Dr. Aben has spent years providing medical services at rehabilitation facilities in the Central Coast and Newcastle regions. He’s helped many rehabilitation in-patients restart their lives by creating discharge plans for when they leave the hospital, and by connecting them to community services. According to Dr. Aben, one reason Kalinga exists is because he was able to witness the importance and current lack of more accessible and affordable community services. He says, “The lack of these services is frequently a cause of delay in discharging patients from the hospital, which can lead to more complications and health issues.” When asked what the company means to him, Dr. Aben says,"For me, Kalinga means freedom - freedom for the clients to have the best quality of life despite their disabilities and physical limitations. Freedom for care providers to do the jobs that they want, and be better-compensated at the same time. Kalinga gives me the freedom and opportunity to improve our health care system at a grander scale."

Arline Nicolas, Head of Marketing

Arline has been an entrepreneur ever since. She owned and ran a successful telecom construction company in the Philippines before migrating to Australia. Arline joined Kalinga because she deeply believes in its Mission and Vision, to advocate for both health care providers, and clients in aged care and disability. But helping the elderly is a cause that’s close to heart for a very special reason: her deep bond with her grandparents. Asked what their app means to her, Arline replied, “Kalinga is a way to change the mindset of care providers from that of an employee to one that is concerned with true growth and development, both financially and professionally.”

Aira Abinguna, COO

Aira Abinguna has been in healthcare for over 9 years, with much of her experience focused on clinical and administrative roles in aged care facilities. For Aira, working with the elderly isn’t merely a job, it’s a passion. And now with Kalinga, Aira and the rest of the team will not only be able to reach out to the elderly and disabled, but they’ll also be able to innovate on the way patients from all walks of life connect with home-based health care providers. Kalinga will be a door to opportunities and a means for fostering relationships within the community. About her experience creating Kalinga with the rest of the team, Aira has this to say, “It gives me a sense of pride to know that we are working hard for something we enjoy, makes our journey in this world exciting and worthwhile, and, most of all, adds value to the life of other people. Working on Kalinga is my little way of making the world a better place and I’m glad I’m able to share this journey with a determined and passionate team that I love!”

Bob Bilaos, Head of Product Development

Bob Bilaos has had extensive experience as a nurse, having worked for various institutions in different countries since 2010. These experiences put him in a position where he was able to see the challenges both healthcare providers and clients face which in turn motivated him to join the Kalinga team. Bob believes the app can positively impact the lives of both aged care and disabled clients, and care providers, and he is extremely excited to work with the hardworking and passionate team, and to share his skills and experience towards developing Kalinga. About Kalinga’s importance, Bob says, “Kalinga will change the future of how healthcare services will be provided to clients. It will serve as a platform that will easily link carers to clients and give clients the control and choice at the touch of their fingertips.”

Vaibhav Namburi, CTO

An experienced CTO and tech leader, Vaibhav developed his expertise by building and leading nearly 48 software applications into production. Because of his extensive portfolio, Vaibhav is often invited around the world to speak on software development practices and engineering principles to C-level executives. He also trains billion-dollar corporate engineering teams, and educates people online, where he has 24,000 students learning about app creation.