With the holidays and yearend thanksgiving only weeks away, it’s likely that you’re thinking of some good gift ideas. Now if you’re a family member caring for a senior or if you’re an elderly adult yourself in need of assistance at home, we have the perfect idea for a present: how about experienced, reliable, and unmatched home health care and assistance from Kalinga Health?

Okay. We’re not exactly something you can fit in a box and put under the tree, but as a gift, the benefits of having our carers assist you or an elderly loved cannot be overstated. It’s akin to receiving the gifts of time and freedom.

For the senior who needs a home health care worker

The truth of the matter is that as people reach a certain age, they’re likely to need someone help with their day-to-day routines. And while retirement facilities may be nice, sometimes seniors would rather stay in the homes they’re used to even if it can get progressively challenging various issues or health conditions.

And that’s okay because that’s where Kalinga Health’s carers come in.

Kalinga Health was created specifically to make seniors living at home, like yourself, more comfortable. Our carers can assist you with your daily needs like grooming, basic meal preparation and nutrition, chores and errands, and even socialising and getting exercise. With the help of our carers you can continue living at home, safely and securely, with more freedom and independence than you might have in an assisted living facility.

At home, with support from Kalinga’s pre-screened and capable carers, you can enjoy what truly matters: getting to stay in a place that’s familiar and comfortable to you, freedom to have friends and family over at any time, and customised assistance so you can retain a quality of life that you desire.

For family members caring for elderly loved ones

We understand very well if you want to be there for your mum, dad or grandparents, day in and day out. After all, you love them dearly and want to make sure that your elderly family member receives the utmost care and compassion. However, there may be some instances when you must leave their side for various reasons like work, health issues, or important errands and you require someone reliable to help your beloved senior with what they need. Or sometimes you’re around but you need an extra pair of hands.

We can be those helping hands.

Kalinga Health’s roster of health care workers can fill in when you’re unavailable, or assist you with tasks you might have trouble doing yourself. And you can breathe easy that our carers will ensure your loved one’s safety and wellness while we’re on duty. Compassion and care are key to our service and we extend these to all our clients. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – just make sure you call the right person for the job: Kalinga Health. We’re always ready to provide support for the elderly and the family caregivers. With our carers helping you out, your senior relative is in good hands and you can take the time to attend to matters or even just get some rest. (By the way, please don’t feel bad about ensuring your well-being and health too, you do this so you can be 100% for mum or dad once you’ve recuperated!) 

So, if you’re still stumped about what to give yourself, a senior, or your elderly relative, you may want to consider Kalinga Health’s services for these holidays or beyond. We’re dedicated to providing quality health care and assistance to seniors in Australia so that they can enjoy more independence, comfort, and excellent quality of life at home.

Ready to call in a pre-screened, reliable, and personalised home health care worker for the elderly?

We ‘ve got you covered. Give Kalinga Health a call at +61 435 358 222 or e-mail us at info@kalingahealth.com.au today. We’re here to take your questions and help you find the solution to your home carer needs.