Do you ever feel like your joints are creaking a little too much or that you’re having trouble coordinating your movements? You might chalk it all up to ageing and say that there’s nothing you can do about it since you’re a senior but that’s not necessarily always true. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of determination and work but you can improve. Just ask Shona Lee, Feldenkrais practitioner, longtime massage therapist and owner of Moving In Tune.

Shona believes that it’s not all downhill – you can still improve your balance, coordination, and movement in general to make it all function more smoothly, easily, and elegantly, by following the Feldenkrais Method of retraining the connections between the brain and the body to enhance the physical and psychological states. What’s more is you can actually apply these principles to other facets of your life and she’s willing to share her knowledge with you!

On Friday 15 February 2019, Shona will be holding the “Better than Before” gentle movement session as part of the NSW Seniors Festival to teach elderly adults how to improve their movements by understanding how their body parts and brain relate to each other (even if they’re not always obvious, like the eyes and the torso!), thus making it easier for them to function in their daily lives. Shona will teach participants to maximise the potential of their bodies so that they can move more freely, something that the elderly would normally find more difficult to do with age, and with less practice.

In that same session, Shona has also invited our very own Dr. Frenn Aben to give a talk, also on the theme of improvement, on how he saw the untapped potential of existing resources and used these to create an app that can improve the lives of the elderly, the sick, and healthcare providers: the Kalinga app.

So come down to Urban Soul at 105 Belmont St, Alexandria, NSW on Friday 15 February 2019 at 11:00AM to experience this free event and get better than before!