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How to buy groceries online and be safe: An in-depth guide

Senior Online Grocery

The COVID-19 pandemic is still here and while there have been some strides in terms of vaccination, it’s without a doubt that we may still see lockdowns to protect citizens from the further spread of the virus until there’s a more permanent solution to this issue. For now, it’s recommended to stay home if we […]

What is private aged care?

Private Aged Care

Here in Australia, we’re fortunate to have elderly care options that are suitable for meeting patients’ various requirements. In this article, we’re going to look into private aged care in the country. What is private aged care? To put it very simply, it’s when the elderly pays for and receives support services from nurses or […]

What are the different types of aged care services?

Types of Aged Care

We take the welfare of seniors seriously in Australia. As such, there are several services being offered to ensure that elderly citizens have access to proper assistance and care, some of which may be government-funded. If you or an elderly loved one needs extra support, it helps to be familiar with the different kinds of […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out FAQs for Seniors

Covid-19 Rollout FAQ

We covered a lot of ground on the COVID-19 vaccines during our last article but we’re sure seniors and their carers may have additional questions about getting the jab. It’s a developing situation after all, so in this instalment we’ll try to give some more answers to essential questions. Question 1: Am I eligible for […]

Should seniors take the COVID-19 vaccine? A guide for the elderly and their carers.

COVID-19 vaccination in Australia

It’s been almost a year since the worldwide community first started locking down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation is still mostly uncertain, but we may finally be seeing some light through the dark clouds with the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccines. That said, some people may have questions lingering in their minds about […]

Kalinga Home Care: Giving you the gift of time and freedom for things that truly matter

senior freedom

With the holidays and yearend thanksgiving only weeks away, it’s likely that you’re thinking of some good gift ideas. Now if you’re a family member caring for a senior or if you’re an elderly adult yourself in need of assistance at home, we have the perfect idea for a present: how about experienced, reliable, and […]

How to get nursing care for your relatives in NSW if you’re from out of state

Family Home Care Support

On regular days, it’s hard enough to be separated from our elderly loved ones and be unable to make sure that they have the assistance and care they need 24/7. The pandemic and the travel restrictions that come with it have made this even more challenging. No stranger to this predicament, the minds and hearts […]

The Seniors’ Guide to Navigating the “New Normal”

COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, is now mostly contained in the country, allowing Australians to breathe a small sigh of relief. However, things aren’t back to the way they were before the pandemic struck and it’s still uncertain if we’ll ever see a return to our old routines. So now we’re going to have […]

Flu Season Advice for Seniors

Flu Season for Seniors

Australia has seemingly flattened the curve on the COVID-19 pandemic but now we’ve entered flu season. Fortunately, given the precautions everyone’s been taking since the coronavirus appeared on our radars, it seems that the number flu-related deaths have actually gone down significantly. But that doesn’t mean people, particularly seniors, shouldn’t be taking extra care during […]

Staying Safe and Connected amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Home Aged Care Technology

With Australia and the rest of the world grappling with flattening the COVID-19 curve by physical distancing, the internet has become even more important than it already was before the crisis. Being shut in means people are even more dependent on connectivity to work, buy food and supplies, and yes, to connect with loved ones […]

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