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Kalinga Health App now available on Apple’s App Store

Kalinga Health App

An app created to make it easier for care providers and home-based patients to connect, now available for iOS. New South Wales – July 13, 2018 – NSW-based healthcare app developer Kalinga launched the Kalinga Health app on Apple’s App Store last week, allowing users of iPhones and iPads the opportunity to experience what Kalinga […]

On the move! Activities for the Elderly

activities for seniors

As we grow older, it becomes easier to fall into the trap of just staying at home to watch television or putter about because it simply takes too much energy to go out and socialize or engage in physical activities. The keyword here is “trap” because however enticing it is to hang about the house, […]

How to Get a 100th Birthday or Anniversary Card from Queen Elizabeth

Queens Birthday and Anniversary Greeting Card

On June 11th 2018, Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her official birthday in NSW, and other territories excepting Queensland and Western Australia; and although she hasn’t quite reached a hundred years old herself, the world’s longest reigning monarch does consider people’s 100th birthdays to be very significant and happy events. 100th Birthday Greeting Card […]

Into the Future: Gadgets and Tech for Independent Elderly

Elderly adapt to technology

As we grow older, certain tasks become more difficult to accomplish without help. However, even we’re grateful for assistance, sometimes we still prefer to do things by ourselves as much as we can. Thankfully, creative minds are continuously coming up with gadgets and equipment that can help the elderly maintain a sense of independence and […]

Why nurses are so amazing (and how to thank them!)

International Nurses Day

A special editorial by the Kalinga Health team in honour of the International Nurses Day Every year, on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s (aka, the founder of modern nursing) birth on the 12th of May, we celebrate International Nurses’ Day as a means of honoring the contributions of nurses to our society. To do our […]

Building a Happy Home for the Elderly and Disabled

home renovations for the elderly

The home should always be a place where we can be safe and comfortable. But when we or our loved ones grow older, or if someone who lives in the home has a disability, we need to make a few adjustments beyond the regular creature comforts to make sure that everyone can get around the […]

Why the Elderly Get Sick During the Winter and How to Stay Healthy

winter activities

When the weather starts to cool down, it’s not unusual to see people getting sick but among all of us, the elderly (and very young children) are especially vulnerable during the winter months. But what are the health issues seniors and caregivers should look out for, and how can we prevent them? Health warnings for […]

Immunisation for Older Adults – What You Need to Know

World Immunization Week 2018 - World Health Organization

Because the World Health Organisation is celebrating World Immunisation Week on the 24th until the 30th of April 2018, we at Kalinga thought it was a worthwhile topic to cover. Of course, babies and children are first in mind when people talk about vaccination but the truth is that immunisation becomes just as important to […]

Lessons from the NSW Government’s “April Falls Day” 2018

Nutrition and Hydration Eating Well to Prevent Falls

Last week, the NSW Government’s Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) kicked off the awareness program, “April Falls Day” on 4th April 2018. This year’s theme “Nutrition and Hydration Eating Well to Prevent Falls,” aimed to educate our elderly citizens, as well as their families and carers about the importance of properly-planned meals and constant hydration in […]

Kalinga at Shona Lee’s Feldenkrais Method Walking Well Session

Kalinga team with Shona Lee

This year’s Senior Festival, which is running from 4th April to 15th April 2018, is a blast. With a lineup of fun and interesting local events catering to the elderly happening all across NSW, this is the government’s way of showing senior citizens how important their roles are in society. As a commitment to the […]

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