Kalinga Health, creators of the Kalinga Health app, and CGU Insurance have worked together to create an insurance policy that will be made available to Kalinga Health-registered carers during the entire time that they are working for clients who have booked their services through the app.

This coverage plan contains the following:

CGU General and Products Liability - Insurance Policy

We created this insurance policy so that you are assured that you will have coverage when you need it – for instance, if you are fined for costs and damages during your on-duty hours, while doing your tasks for your patients or clients.

Keep in mind, however, that the policy still falls under certain terms and conditions which are detailed in Kalinga Health’s policies. Moreover, the coverage only applies to care services arranged and invoiced through our app. This means that any damages or costs you might get while doing healthcare work outside of the Kalinga Health platform aren’t covered by our policy.