What is Kalinga?

Kalinga is a mobile app solution that more quickly and effectively connects two types of users: health care providers and clients in need of home-based carers or nurses. Our Mission is to improve the current health care services system by lowering the cost of health care, empowering patients, and give more compensation and opportunities to health care providers. Our Vision is to foster fruitful relationships with care providers and clients, and consistently provide quality care, reliability, and opportunities for growth and enrichment, all of which will translate to increased freedom for our clients and care providers. Kalinga is free to download from the Apple Apps Store or Google Play Store.

What are the requirements for me to work with Kalinga?

To become a care provider with Kalinga, you will need the following:

  • 100-Point Identity Check (JP-certified)
  • ABN (Australian Business Register) – Kalinga can provide assistance getting this
  • Police Check – Kalinga can provide assistance getting this

Additionally, putting up your credentials, diplomas, certificates, and registrations (AHPRA) can boost your profile and give you more job choices.

Can I join Kalinga if I am already working as a nurse/ AIN / Carer?

Definitely! The beauty of the Kalinga system is that you have control over the schedule and location of your jobs. This is ideal for part-time students, or for those who’d like to earn supplemental income by working extra during the evenings or weekends. If you have the skills, time, and energy to pick up a job, you’re good to go

What rate should I charge for my services?

You get to decide on your rate based on factors like your current level of experience, education, and training. As a guide, carers typically charge between $20 – $50 per hour. It does also help to start with a lower rate initially and then gradually increasing it as you develop your profile and your ratings and reviews improve.

What is an ABN and how do I apply for one?

With Kalinga, you are your own boss. You have the power to choose your hourly rate, as well as the schedule and location of your jobs. As such, you’re not going to be an employee but a private contractor, so you’ll need an Australian Business Number (ABN), sort of like what Uber drivers have. The ABN is a unique 11-digit number that identifies your business or organisation to the government and community. Don’t worry though, the application process for an ABN is simple and straightforward. You can apply for an ABN here at the Australian Business Registration website. If you need more help, please contact our team for assistance.

How do I apply for a National Police Certificate?

Having a National Police Certificate adds an extra layer of security to our platform, and also gives peace of mind to our clients. If you don’t have one yet, you can apply for a National Police Certificate here

What are the features and benefits of the Kalinga app?

The Kalinga app was created to benefit two types of users, health care providers (nurses and carers) and clients looking for home-based carer providers, so Kalinga has different features for them.

Features for Care Providers:

  • You can indicate the type of work you prefer (dementia care, medications assistance, wound dressing, etc.)
  • You can choose the days and hours you prefer to work, as well as where you’d like to work. You can work when and where it is convenient for you.
  • You can set the hourly rate for your services.
  • Our platform provides excellent supplemental opportunities for part-time workers like students, mothers and housewives.
  • Billings and payments will also be sorted through our app.
  • You can create your own profile in our app which shows pertinent information such as qualifications and job history.
  • You can rate and review your client, as well as read through other care providers’ reviews so you know who you’ll be working for.
  • Clients can also review you, and better reviews open you up to better job options.

Features for clients looking for care providers:

  • You can post the time and location for the job, and tasks you need done (medication assistance, personal care assistance, wound dressing, community access, etc.).
    Carers and guardians (such as children and grandchildren) can book services for their parents through the app.
  • You can put in the credentials they require for their care provider (aged care certificate, vehicle for community transport, training in dementia care, etc.)
  • You can request for a care provider who can speak a certain language
  • Once you post your job, you can view a list of care providers who meet your specific credentials and requirements, and are available to take on the job according to the location and time of the appointment.
  • You can pick the most desirable candidates from the list and invite them to apply for the job.
  • You can use our messaging feature to contact your candidate and discuss specific details of the job.
  • The rating and review system will help ensure premium quality care.
  • Our care providers are properly screened.
  • Customers can find care providers at competitive prices. (To explain, while our nurse and carer friends work for clients who pay $55 – $75 per hour for their services, they really only receive $25 – $30 as their hourly salary. More than 50% of the payment goes to agency as commission. Our aim is to reduce this commission so that care providers can take a bigger cut of their earnings. Our system will also reduce the overall cost of health care services by reducing agency commissions.)

Other General Features:

Kalinga’s easy-to-use system means it can also be used by hospital and nursing home managers who need extra workers to cover for shifts if their regular staff is unavailable.

Typically, ward managers will have to ring a number of agencies to find replacements for staff members who call in sick, taking up too much time and effort. Kalinga does away with that because our platform can connect you to a number of available care providers at once.

Not only that, the app can help reduce operational costs because our prices are significantly lower compared to workers hired through conventional agencies.

How do I apply as a Kalinga Health Nurse or Carer?

If you’ve decided you would like better work opportunities, better compensation, and better work-life balance, joining Kalinga Health is easy and straightforward. Click on the link below, follow the steps, and you’re on your way to a new exciting journey with Kalinga Health!

The Kalinga Health App is not working. What should I do?

If the Kalinga Health App is not working on your smartphone or tablet, here are some steps you can follow to resolve the issue:

1. Make sure you are using the latest versions of Android or iOS. Here are some useful links to help you update to the latest version:

Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT204204

Android: https://www.wikihow.tech/Check-for-Updates-on-Your-Android-Phone

2. Ensure that you are using the latest version of the Kalinga Health Mobile App. Type “Kalinga Health” into the search bar of the Play Store ( for Android ) or the App Store ( for Apple / iOS). The “update” button will be highlighted if you are not using the latest app version. Select “update” to upgrade to the latest app version.

3. If the previous steps did not work, please report the problem to mailto:info@kalingahealth.com.au and our technical team will work with you on fixing the issue.

Become a Carer

Find a job is never this easy. Care Providers also deserve care and Kalinga wants you to get it.