How it Works

  • Complete your registration and profile
  • Choose preferred times and work locations
  • Search for next job
  • Get paid securely
  • Leave a review and rate client
  • Look for the next job!


Complete your registration and profile

Sign up on our website and upload your credentials and proofs of identity. When you pass the screening – you’ll find a notification of approval on your e-mail inbox, you can continue by downloading the app on your mobile phone and setting up your own profile.
Download the app at the Google Play store and Apple App Store.
Remember, the more qualifications, credentials, and job history details you put in, the more attractive your profile will be to clients!


Choose preferred times and work locations

Put in the days and the hours you’re available to work with Kalinga. Enter your location and the distance, in kilometres, you’re willing to travel to provide care. You’ll then receive available job results based on your location and schedule.


Search for next job

Apply for your preferred jobs from the list of available positions based on the information you put in. The client may choose to message you through the Kalinga App to clarify more details on the job.


Get paid securely

After completing a job, and the client approves payment, you will be paid via the secure STRIPE payment system already incorporated into the Kalinga App. 20% of the total payment will go to Kalinga as contribution for the app’s maintenance and development.


Leave a review and rate client

You will be asked to leave a rating (5 stars being the highest!) and a review for your client after each job. This promotes professionalism from the clients, and ensures that we’ll continue getting the right clients for you.


Look for the next job!

You client will also leave you a rating and comments, so make sure you foster a professional and caring relationship with your Kalinga clients. This is also a great way to learn your strengths and areas for improvement.
Remember: great ratings and reviews will mean better job opportunities!

Become a Carer

Find a job is never this easy. Care Providers also deserve care and Kalinga wants you to get it.